The What Happened Next Machine

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In case anyone thinks my extra-philosophical interests are all robots and death this amazing video got me thinking about Hume, Kant and Meillassoux in a whole new light:

Is cause (what happens next) in the world only attributed to it by Kermit's habit? Are Kermit the Frog's faculties necessary in order that he reasons what will happen next? Does the failure of the machine illustrate something about the Humean/Kantian anchoring of cause only in the subject? Is this why Kermit must move the machine, his vibrant living body the only free cause in a dull material world? Is the flying radio a frequentialist implication (like the billiard ball shooting off at wild and unimaginable angles) or an illustration of hyper-chaos (there is no reason Kermit's machine didn't work)?

More Accelerationism


Reminded by the post below, I've been meaning to link to this for ages: Accelerationism

Metaphysically Accelerationism could be aligned with Brassier's nihilism; life is not a positive force escaping death but death itself miming a vital energy. Politically it intersects at exiciting points with Marxism, postmodernism and techno-capitalist ideology. Rhetorically it provides writers with a wonderful dystopian sci-fi register. It's a lot of fun. Download the audio and check it out.