Being Sufficiently

Posted by | Anonymous | 28.6.10 | 5 Comments

In case anyone is wondering about the title of the blog, it's drawn from a joke I heard about the difference between 'Analytic' and 'Continental' philosophers. It goes like this:

Analytic philosophers generally criticize Continental philosophers for not being sufficiently analytic. Contrary to this, the Continental philosophers generally criticize Analytic philosophers for not being sufficiently.

(Thank you. I'm here all week.)


5 Responses to “Being Sufficiently”

  1. Anonymous
    29/6/10 06:45

    Testing the comment field.

  2. The Philosopher's Monkey
    29/6/10 07:53

    So then are we decided on Pansychism or natural laws?

  3. Anonymous
    29/6/10 09:42

    It seems panpsychism (for want of a better word). But we can discuss it on Thursday.

  4. peter
    30/6/10 14:21

    whos natural monkey? and id rather use another word than panpyschism if thats alrite

  5. Anonymous
    30/6/10 15:01

    The Philosopher's Monkey is Sam.

    I'm sure we can find another word.

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