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Posted by | Anonymous | 30.6.10 | 5 Comments

Things philosophical discovered on the Web today:

Noted Post-Marxist Sociologist, Philosopher, and Cultural Critic Slavoj Žižek Welcomes You to the Gym — by Evan Johnston

"We are sitting in front of the TV, being couch potato, watching the illusion of nudity—which is the leotard—and the symbolism of discipline: the headband. She is doing all the work for us. She is getting physical."

That is the best bit, I think. It's better if you read it to yourself in Žižek's voice.

In other news,
Science historian cracks "the Plato code".

I'm still waiting for the film version featuring Tom Hanks.


5 Responses to “Remains of the day”

  1. peter
    30/6/10 14:02

    i only found out that zizek had a lisp the other day. it is amazing

  2. peter
    30/6/10 14:03
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  3. Anonymous
    30/6/10 14:08

    So amazed that you told us three times!

    Also, Alex, why are you called Peter on here?

  4. Chris
    1/7/10 11:48

    "You know how Sisyphus is pushing the rock up the hill and it rolls back down? You are like that." I am occasionally aware of the pointlessly mechanical repetition that I am engaged in at the gym, I don't think I've ever gone for a martini afterward though. Next time I am at the gym I will also being thinking of my offering to some God or dictator and my inevitable defeat.

  5. peter
    6/4/11 12:38
    heres zizek in a documentary. his hand movements are awesome

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