Exciting Happenings

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How cool does this sound:
Urbanomic presents Late at Tate: THE REAL THING
Urbanomic presents performance, film and other interventions exploring the emerging philosophical paradigm of Speculative Realism and its impact on contemporary art practice.
Sound art inspired by Meillassoux? Video work from Nihil Unbound? Sculpture from Cyclonopedia? All this and a discussion including Brassier and Grant? It makes me wish I lived in London.

While looking around Urbanomic's website I also found this: "Fanged Noumena" by Nick Land. Land would have been teaching at the Univeristy of Warwick while Iain was doing his Phd and it's interesting to see where their interests cross over. "Mad black deleuzianism" (may be drop the black and accentuate the mad) and "cybergothic" sound very Grantian.

I'm going to be spending time trying to think what the "necessity of contingency" sounds like. I hope it's more horrible than I can imagine!


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