beauty and virtue

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The award for longest book title in the world goes to:

'An Inquiry Into the Origin of Our Ideas of Beauty and Virtue, in Two Treatises, in Which the Principle of the Earl of Shaftsbury Are Explan'd and Defended Against the Author of The Fable of The Bees, and the Ideas of Moral Good and Evil are Establish'd According to the Sentiments of the Ancient Moralists. With An Attempt to Introduce a Mathematical Calculation in Subjects of Morality' by F. Hutcheson (1694-1746).


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  1. peter
    5/1/11 11:16

    amazing. reminds me of the band "...and you will know us by the trail of dead."
    who were originally named after an entire poem/chant/spell:

    "Sever for us all ties between the now and what is to be
    We will act as your sword, oh Great Itzamna
    And you will know us by the trail of dead."

    its mayan or possibly also egyptian. some sort of burial thing...
    er anyway
    good band, they play with two drummers live and its amazing

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