Nature and Freedom

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Since Alex is summarizing the presentations that happened this week, you may as well just read my paper here:

Does the Critique of Judgment Bridge the Gulf between Nature and Freedom?  [pdf]

And here is the paper I gave before Christmas, about Fichte and Schelling:

The Contemporary Relevance of Fichte's and Schelling's Philosophy to the Problem of Freedom. [pdf]


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  1. peter
    18/1/11 06:58

    Just read your post kant's presentation. really enjoyed it mate. you have a knack of cutting to the most pertinent points of the argument and i envy the directedness with which you can bring everything into the sphere of the problem of freedom.
    which reminds me, have you made any progress with trying to get your dissertation published? - the best elements of this presentation seem to me to derive from that project and so i really do think you should try and get it published.

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